Think Your Phone’s Camera Sucks? Google Camera Gives You Colors!

Muhammad Ahmad Raza
3 min readJan 20, 2021


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Have you experienced that your camera is getting lousy lately? Some Android smartphone users have complained that their camera quality degrades over time.

The unappealing photos are not the result of the camera sensor losing its zest over time. And the low-res images taken from your camera have little to do with you losing your photography skills.

The main reason is that you see the photos taken from some newer Android devices, and make the mistake of comparing those with the pictures taken from your older smartphones. Comparing two different things rarely helps!

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But is there some way to amp up your phone’s camera performance over time? The answer, in most cases, is YES. Google Camera can enable you to capture outstanding shots, even with your older smartphone.

Isn’t Google Camera Restricted To Google Devices?

You’re right, Google Camera app is available only for Google phones. Google’s camera department has brought the best photography experience for android users. They have limited their focus only on their own devices to ensure this superior performance.

But, the limitations of Google hasn’t stopped the developers to get the best photography performance on their non-Google devices. The collective efforts of various android developers have given birth to various variants of modded google camera.

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Your phone has to support the Camera2API for getting the most out of the modded Google Camera. Find if your phone supports the Camera2API by installing this app from Play Store.

Your Saviour: The Modded Google Camera

By default, you cannot install the Google Camera app on any non-Google device. Finding the compatible build of Google Camera for your android device isn’t difficult at all.

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Once installed, you can have superior camera features like portrait mode, HDR+, and many other great photography features. Getting your phone a new photography brain is super easy. The industry-standard Image post-processing of the Modded Google Camera app allows you to take stunning stills and portraits!

Can I Show You The Results?

Of course! Installing Google Camera has helped me take better selfies and shots with the enhanced HDR+ functionality. Here are both the pictures that are taken with and without the modded Google Camera app (LG Q6).

Default Camera App Of LG Q6
Modded Google Camera App

Install Now!

Look, Google Modded Camera App is an open-source, not-for-profit project. With no tracking purposes. Completely private, you know what I mean (wink). Head over to the XDA portal or visit this amazing hub to find the compatible port for your android device!



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